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We are a small hostel located in Norther Ireland and we got many applications after our registration at hosteltraveljobs. We totally recommend the service provided by this website!

Help with our Hostel in Chiapas

We aquired a hostel manager. He is responsible for our hostel & hotel in the center of London.

Reception and cleaning in Youth Centre

I had found a great opportunity to work exchange in Colombia. A couple of hours working with tours & tourists in exchange for free accommodation & lodging. Many great opportunities for a small membership fee.

Help out at TALLINN Hostel for Backpackers

I have been working part-time as a helper in Sydney, Australia. I had such a great time and I am eager to make my next hostel trip! Contact me if you wish - Lara

About hosteltraveljobs

hosteltraveljobs is the world's leading platform for hostel jobs. Offering a hostel jobs is free of charge. To contact others (hostels or workers) you need to pay for a Premium Membership. hosteltraveljobs lists:

Hostel Jobs for Volunteers: Typical hostel jobs every traveler can do (after a short time of practice). These are jobs at the reception, helping in the kitchen, helping to clean, guest animation or tours or any other non-professional jobs. Many times jobs for volunteers are in exchange for an accommodation and a small salary.

Hostel Jobs for Professionals: Jobs for professional workers are only doable by trained people like hostel manager, kitchen chefs, bookkeepers or the head of reception / office. Professional Jobs are normally permanent positions with a fix salary.